ALULASER Radiant Tubing

ALULASER Radiant Tubing

The Roth ALULASER is a composite tubing consisting of an inner layer of extruded PE tubing, an inner adhesive layer, a center layer of ultrasonically welded aluminum tubing, an outer adhesive layer, and finally an outer layer of extruded PE tubing.

Roth AluLaser Plus

5-Layer PERT-AL-PERT Tubing

  • Laser-welded overlapping aluminum shield assuring complete oxygen diffusion barrier
  • Combines strength of metal with longevity and durability of plastic
  • Highest memory – easy to install
  • Low linear expansion – 1/10 that of PEX
  • Maintains shape after bending or when heated by circulating fluid
  • Perfect for baseboard, radiators, unit heaters, fan coil piping and radiant heating
  • Assortment of press fittings available


As a result of the co-extrusion process, the composite tubing provides the following advantages:

  • An impervious oxygen barrier
  • Shape retainment after bending
  • Reduced expansion and contraction compared to PEX only tubing
  • Improved burst resistance
  • High resistance to corrosion and to scaling from minerals dissolved in the system water

Available sizes include:

3/8″; Coil of 200′
1/2″; Coil of 300′
1/2″; Coil of 1,000′
5/8″; Coil of 300′
5/8″; Coil of 1,000′
3/4″; Coil of 300′
3/4″; Coil of 500′
1″; Coil of 100′
1″; Bag of 7 x 20′

Material Standard: Manufactured in accordance with ASTM F1282 and tested for compliance by NSF to both US and Canadian standards and marked as cNSFus-rfh. Minimum Bending Radius: No less than 5 times the tubing outside diameter. Nominal Inside Diameter: Nominal inside diameter in accordance to ASTM F1282.

Nominal Size (in)

Average I.D. (in)

Average I.D. (mm)










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David Gooding, Inc.

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Intermountain Hydronic Specialties (IHS)

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McNevin Company

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Hydronic Energy, Inc.

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Iowa: 515-276-4935
Nebraska: 402-330-1235

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